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If we want children to be brave, resilient, independent, curious and compassionate, we must encourage risky play along with a respectful, loving relationship with nature.

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G’day, I’m Lukas Ritson, The Outdoor Educator and Founder of Wearthy. I’m all about connecting children with nature and empowering adults to join the play revolution.

I am so passionate about the outdoors, sustainability, children’s development, permaculture and good quality, chemical-free play environments. If I’m not designing playgrounds, you will find me teaching educators on all aspects of sustainability and risky play at centres and conferences across Australia.

Let’s work together in changing the mindset of play and giving children the wonder, adventure, and discovery they deserve.


"Nature is imperfectly perfect. Filled with loose parts and possibilities, with mud and dust, nettles and sky, transcendent hands-on moments and skinned-knees."

Richard Louv

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